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Sales agent profile – Touk Dalis

Touk Dalis has embraced her new job as a sanitation sales agent in Prey Chhor Commune. Before she was recruited as a sales agent, she did not have her own household toilet. But shortly after she began selling toilets, she used her savings to buy a toilet from the enterprise she works with, Lay Heng Heng. She was so committed to a new toilet that she even dug the pit all by herself – it took her 3 days to complete!

Rather than taking her sales commission in cash, at the end of each month, Touk Dalis requested her commission in materials – sand, brick, cement – for upgrading her latrine. She started out with the basic ‘core toilet’ set with simple natural shelter, but Dalis has already added tiles, a brick wall and a zinc roof. And she has plans to continue to upgrade, preferring to take her sales commissions in-kind.

Dalis’s first-hand experience as a buyer and user of the product she sells has helped her to become a first-rate sales agent. In her first 3 months, Dalis sold over 60 toilets in the 8 villages where she works. One of her key strategies is to encourage every commune official, village chief and deputy to buy and use a latrine. ‘They all have a latrine now…to be a model for the villagers.’