A deceptively simple solution that goes beyond hardware to inspire behaviour change

The cheapest antidote for infectious disease

We don’t typically think of dirty hands as being dangerous. But diarrhea alone – often caused by feces going from hand to mouth – is responsible for nearly 800,000 child deaths every year.

The best defense? Just washing our hands. But getting people to do it has been a struggle for decades. We were frustrated that the two main approaches are largely ineffective: repeating old hygiene awareness campaigns and promoting cheap, homemade handwashing stations. So we came at it differently – learning directly from consumers how a simple solution could inspire real change.

The world's first portable sink for rural consumers

We turn functionality on its head with the HappyTap – the first aspirational and affordable sink designed to make washing hands a habit. Developed with input from mothers in rural Southeast Asia, it brings soap and water together in one convenient place for the whole family. But beyond the hardware, its bright and modern aesthetic makes people want to buy it. And its intuitive design draws them to use it.

Check out how our HappyTap is made