Stop the Diarrhea Campaign

Beginning in July 2010, under the guidance of the Cambodian Ministry of Rural Development, WaterSHED and Lien Aid supported the creation of an open-source “Stop the Diarrhea WASH campaign in partnership with various sector stakeholders including but not limited to UNICEF, WSP, SNV, and the creative firm, 17 Triggers.

The aim was to promote three key behaviors to rural Cambodians:

use a latrine logo wash hands with soap logo drink treated water logo

These social marketing tools are not resources that tell people or organizations what to do. This is a “social marketing plan” – an idea starter – a springboard for leaders to work together to get Cambodians to buy or build latrines, wash their hands, or treat their water.

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These tools are also a salute to all the organizations who are already doing great work. This campaign, doesn’t recreate the wheel because many things are already working. So rather than this being a recommendation of new ideas, it’s more of a celebration of ideas that are working.

But despite some exciting developments in recent years, there is still a long way to go. For latrine usage especially, we’re lagging on the Millennium Development Goals. If we want to reach the MDGs in time, some serious change needs to happen. What may be surprising is that the change we are talking about is not so much a behavior change for the poor, but a change for ourselves: the way we work with government and other nonprofits, the way we subsidize, and the way we market to the poor.

To succeed, we must integrate our efforts and with this in mind, the big questions are:

  • How might we as heroes of change, who have common interest to help others, step out of our separate boxes, and work together more?
  • How might we embrace new technology to coordinate, improve efficiency, and build off each other’s ideas that work?

This is what the “social marketing tools” are all about!

WASH Graphics

CLICK HERE to view a presentation on the National WASH Marketing Strategy and Communications Plan