Sanitation Sales Agent Profiles

‘Hands-Off’ Sanitation Sales Agents: Unlocking the Power of Marketing

The Hands-Off sanitation marketing approach leverages existing networks of trustworthy and influential people to help promote and sell low-cost latrines. Across our program areas, sanitation enterprises hire independent sales agents to conduct sales. Incentivized through a small commission (USD 1.50 -2.00) per latrine sale, these agents actively promote through village sales event and door-to-door sales. WaterSHED’s field staff of Facilitation Specialists support the Sales Agents with hands-on demonstrations and training in the use of simple sales materials and tactics. Many of the agents are recruited from the ranks of the Commune Council for Women and Children (CCWC), or other groups of respected community members. Read some of their stories…

Enterprise-Commissioned Sales Agents

Long Bunheang – Strong leadership increases toilets purchased With great power, comes great responsibility. This concept holds true for Long Bunheang. At the age of 55, Bunheang has been a civic leader for more than 20 years. He began as a village chief in 1993 in Kraing Tnol village, Moha Sang Commune. Later in 2002, he was elected for his first of now three consecutive terms as a member to the Commune Council. He continues to serve the office in Moha Sang Commune, Phnom Srouch District, Kampong Speu Province. READ MORE

Touk Dalis Touk Dalis – Using her sales commissions to upgrade her own toilet Touk Dalis has embraced her new job as a sanitation sales agent in Prey Chhor Commune. Before she was recruited as a sales agent, she did not have her own household toilet. But shortly after she began selling toilets, she used her savings to buy a toilet from the enterprise she works with, Lay Heng Heng. She was so committed to a new toilet that she even dug the pit all by herself – it took her 3 days to complete! READ MORE

Sorn Sok – A veterinarian’s influence In the 12 villages that comprise Sorn Sok’s native Trean commune, the percentage of households with access to a toilet stood at less than 10% in 2008. But since Chaeng Pros, the local concrete manufacturer, began selling low-cost toilets, things have been changing quickly. READ MORE

Phan Saroeun – No need to wait for subsidy anymore Before Phan Saroen became a toilet sales agent in Soutip commune, she was the CCWC member responsible for hygiene and sanitation. She was off and running soon after attending some WASH-M supported training and demo sales events. But it felt strange at first: in the past she had explained in very general terms about hygiene and health, but now she had a lot more tools to help persuade people to buy – and an actual product to offer them. READ MORE

Phuong Phoeun – Selling from experience Phuong Phoeun began his side ‘career’ as a toilet sales agent at a district workshop held by the WASH-M team. Although he wasn’t shy about public speaking, he didn’t know much about promotions. After attending the WASH-M training and watching some sales demonstrations, he was soon out doing his own promotions. READ MORE

Boun Sambath – “They call me Miss Shit” At 30 years old, Boun Sambat is married with two young sons and is the member of the CCWC tasked with promoting water and sanitation in Kraing Dei Vai commune. Through her CCWC linkages, Boun Sambat was approached to be a toilet sales agent in early 2011. She received training from the WASH-M team and watched some sales demonstrations, learning how to use different tactics to get people interested in toilets. ‘At first I was shy to sell toilets, but now I am not. Some villagers even call me Miss Shit.’ READ MORE

Seoung Mim- “Strategic Leadership to reach ODF” Achieving the Open Defecation Free (ODF) target in the rural villages and communes is an honorable but often considered far-fetched mission for the local authorities to achieve considering the poverty condition of the rural villagers and their long unwavering habit of not using the toilet passing from previous generations.READ MORE

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