Project Phases

The key objectives is to create a Civic Champions standard and build a positive and supportive community that nurtures leadership ability and enables people to reach the standards and can operate without external consultant support. To achieve this the year was broken up into four 90-day cycles.

Each cycle contains the 3 following stages:

Project Phase


This stage is developed through Discover Conferences, enabling participants to discover new ideas and motivation, and to build a social capital.

  1. Participants are split into different cohorts and learning teams.
  2. The participants receive training on key concepts.
  3. Development of network and friendships is made throughout the discussion sharing session.
  4. The participants create a personal development plan to be implemented in their community.

After the learning and sharing sessions from the Discover Conference, the participants develop their skills through practices including sharing what they have learned with their community and leaders and developing new plans for their community. This enables the participants to develop their personal capability so that they can be more effective leaders.

This stage is supported by coaching sessions focusing on building capability and support with each participant.


This stage is to deliver the better outcomes to the Leadership Community of Action by creating a short presentation of what they have achieved and how they have utilized their new learning experiences. This will be an important time to conduct self-reflection on their achievements and gap.

This presentation will be present at the beginning of the next Discover conference, which close one phase (cycle) and start the next one.

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