HappyTap Consumers

The fundamental obstacle is not a lack of recognition, but the need for handwashing hardware to provide a convenient, dedicated place for HWWS that also serves as a physical reminder to reinforce behavior. The HappyTap, created using a human-centered design approach with rural Vietnamese women, is an aspirational product that gives households a way to incorporate HWWS into daily routines thus bridging the gap between knowing and doing.

Handwashing fun

“I like it a lot. Being encouraged by teachers, my kids like to do handwashing after school a lot. I don’t want my kids putting their dirty hands into concrete jar when they take water out of the jar every time to do handwashing. They ruin my water. This device is just amazing!”

- Mother of 3 children in Cai Be district,
Tien Giang province


“We recently got a water tap for home consumption, and electricity. My family, especially my kids, are using water all day long. I like HappyTap for creating a place for my kids to wash hands in a way that saves water. Water and power are expensive.”

- – Housewife in Vung Liem District,
Vinh Long province

Economical device

With a target market size of over 7 million households in Vietnam alone, the HappyTap is a highly scalable solution that provides business opportunities for rural retailers, domestic consumer goods distributors, domestic plastic good manufacturers, and international fast-moving consumer goods companies.