Evaluation of WaterSHED’s Hands-­Off Sanitation Marketing

Request for expressions of interest

WaterSHED is seeking a consultant or consultants to evaluate its Hands-Off sanitation marketing program in Cambodia.

The primary purpose of the evaluation is measure the outcomes of the expansion phase of WaterSHED’s Hands-Off sanitation marketing program that can be attributed to program activities directly, or indirectly via WaterSHED’s boundary partners.
The evaluation will respond to specific questions in an evaluation framework across three outcome areas:

  1. Household outcomes
  2. WASH Enterprise outcomes
  3. Institutional and Enabling Environment, partner relationships, and the internal WaterSHED environment

The evaluation team, taking into consideration the detailed SOW, should develop a framework methodology for analyzing and presenting program data based on the information collected during the literature, desk, and field reviews.

a. Literature Review
The evaluation team will review documents including but limited to:

Pre Scale-Up documentation:

  1. WASH Marketing Baseline Survey(2009)
  2. Supply chain analysis and strategy development(2010)
  3. In-depth sanitation consumer demand behaviour study(2010)
  4. Social marketing materials development process and outputs(2011)
  5. WaterSHED Mid-term Evaluation Report(USAID 2011)

Scale-Up documentation:

  1. WaterSHED Rural Consumer Sanitation Adoption Study(2012)
  2. Economic Assessment of Sanitation Interventions in Cambodia(WSP 2012)
  3. Sanitation Marketing Lessons from Cambodia Pilot Project(WSP 2012)
  4. Cultivating Civic Champions: Evaluation(2014)
  5. Experience of MFI Models Financing Sanitation in Rural Cambodia(GSF 2014)
  6. 11. 2012 WEDC presentation Hands-Off Sanitation Marketing Model
  7. 12. 2014 WEDC presentation Civic Champions Inspire Sustainable Change
  8. 13. 2014 UNC presentation Drivers for latrine uptake in rural Cambodia (WSP)

b. Key Informant Interviews

c. Rapid Data Collection

2. Evaluation Framework

Evaluation of the Hands-Off WASH marketing program will avail itself of data collected by WaterSHED’s monitoring system and will be augmented with household, business, and enabling environment data collected through surveys and secondary data sources.

Focusing on program coverage, efficiency and effectiveness, the following are the four main pillars of the evaluation:

a. Development Impact
b. Scalability
c. Cost-Effectiveness
d. Sustainability

The evaluation will also consider two other areas related to sustainability and important for management consideration: risks and capacity-building.

3. Evaluation schedule

The final evaluation is anticipated to involve approximately 42 working days.

  • Start: 12-January-2015
  • Presentation #1: 26-January-2015
  • Presentation #2: 02-March-2015
  • First draft: 11-March-2015
  • Final deliverables: 20-March-2015
4. Instructions

Interested consultants may request a copy of the full scope of work by providing:

  1. Evidence of qualification (maximum ½ page)
  2. Brief background of proposed consultant(s)

Deadline: 15 December 2014

to: cambodia@watershedasia.org
subject: Sanitation Marketing Evaluation

Qualified candidates will receive further instructions to develop a proposal.

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