About Civic Champions

The Civic Champions project is a pioneering idea that brings rural leaders together to develop and grow their leadership capability to achieve better outcomes, to build a sense of community of leaders working together, sharing ideas and supporting each other.

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Vision Statement:

Civic leaders in rural areas are confident in taking action to improve the standard of living in their communities. They believe they can make a positive change and inspire villagers to make change together. Leaders are proactive and harness all resources within their sphere of influence by engaging others and recruiting and developing tomorrow’s leaders. They actively seek the input and ideas of community members. They achieve significant improvements in the standard of living in rural areas, and leaders continue to seek new opportunities to advance welfare and economic development.


Mission Statement:

WaterSHED’s Civic Champions project supports a Leadership Community of Action comprised of rural leaders working to identify and implement effective ways of developing leadership potential to raise rural standards of living. Over the course of 1 year, participants join a cyclical 90-day program to discover, develop and deliver their leadership capability. The program is about transforming values, mindsets and behaviors, creating a dynamic leadership community.

These Champions use their leadership to promote and coordinate change in their communities. They inspire and connect the business sector, community members/groups, and government to achieve better outcomes for their communities. As agents of change, they lead collective action towards the attainment of total sanitation and other essential development priorities. The project uses participatory methods to monitor progress and actively shares results with the wider community, including media and government.