Advisory Group

The Civic Champions Advisory Group is a recommending body which serves in an advisory capacity to the Civic Champions project team, whose goal is to accelerate rural sanitation uptake and maximize market penetration for the public good.

CC Advisory Group members are invited to contribute because they are well-respected leaders in Cambodia and supportive of the important objective of improving rural development. The Civic Champions Advisory Group will bring a high-level of expertise and will support the strategic and operational decisions of the project team.

1. Join Bi-monthly Meetings (every 2 months) Led by Project Team: The project team will be responsible for sharing relevant documentation to the CC Advisory Group members in advance of each meeting. The team will also provide an overview presentation to update group members on achievements, challenges, and future plans. The Civic Champions Advisory Group will provide feedback and constructive recommendations to the project team.

2. Serve as External Ambassadors of the project: The Civic Champions Advisory Group members are well-respected civic leaders and/or leaders from the development sector. The project as a whole will benefit greatly from their positive representation of its objectives, and the project team will be more effective with the technical input, strategic advice, referrals and recommendations of the Civic Champions Advisory Group.

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