WaterSHED – Quy Nguyen

WaterSHED-Quy Nguyen
Marketing Specialist

Shortly after graduation, Quy Nguyen joined WaterSHED in September 2013 as a Marketing Specialist for the HappyTap project in Vietnam. He is responsible for analysing and investigating price, demand and competition, devising new marketing ideas and tactics, designing promotional activities that can be feasibly replicated across a rapidly expanding geographic sales territory, monitoring marketing effectiveness against performance indicators; and tweaking tools and dissemination media on an ongoing basis in order to create consumer demand and drive sales growth up. He is also in charged of initiating and cultivating close partnerships with other organizations in behavior change campaigns (BCC) in Vietnam.

Quy Nguyen got his bachelor degree of Business Administration as a valedictorian from Banking University, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam in July 2013. Being passionate in volunteering activities, Quy Nguyen has worked for AIESEC Vietnam as an Account Executive. He worked with companies to establish internship opportunities for foreign students to encourage cultural exchange. In 2012, Quy also participated in a cross cultural leadership program named “Social Enterprise for Economics Development Program” in Kelantan, Malaysia which was co-organized by Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), the Asia Research Centre (ARC) and University of St. Gallen (HSG), in collaboration with the ASEAN Learning Network. This program’s objective is to engage students from different countries in ASEAN into a real life context and utilize their innovative ideas and knowledge to improve agricultural production methods and yields in the target villages.

Working for community projects is Quy Nguyen’s temptation since student that he loves the flexible working environment and opportunities to discover people’s lives around the countries on the way of helping to improve their lives.

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