WaterSHED-Morng Chhorvorn

Morng Chhorvorn
Morng Chhorvorn – Regional Manager

Chhorvorn Morng, a Regional Manager in WaterSHED since 30th July, 2014. He manages for four province, Pailin, Battambang, Pursat and KompongChhnang. He had started with WaterSHED as Facilitation Specialist since 16th January, 2012 to 1st September, 2012. Then he became Area Manager since 1st October, 2012 to 31st March,2013. He resigned from WaterSHED for 5 months and haft because he had to help his uncle’s business.After he had been working in this business he found out that it wasn’t his favorite.He decided to come back to WaterSHED as Area Manager. He had started as Area Manager again since 17th September,2013 to 29th June 2014.
He graduated from Agronomy, in University of Management and Economics, since 2014.

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