WaterSHED – Pouv Sophea

Pouv Sophea
POUV Sophea – Monitoring Coordinator

Since January 2012, Mr. Pouv Sophea has taken an opportunity to work with WaterSHED as Monitoring Coordinator. His main duty is to design the monitoring system to monitor the progress of the program.

He graduated in the major of computer science which is the most favorite major he would earn since he was young. With his talent and favorite major, Sophea could catch up all the key lesson during class to develop his skill for future career.

The previous job with 6 years experience with National Center for HIV/AID Dermatology and STI, Sophea was data management team leader. Sophea could learn a lot in data management and analysis, and had many opportunities to travel to the area in country and abroad to find the lesson learn to develop his job.

“The new opportunity with WaterSHED provides the new environment and real life to me and other staff to develop many important skills for Cambodian society which is in need of human resource. Especially the skill as a leader and skill to work as team are very precious in life”

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